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ProLine Keto If a woman came to the beach, then you can combine business with pleasure, and not just lie in the sun, but actively play volleyball by gathering a team. This sport has a lot of advantages, because during the game the body gets full physical exercise, the muscles of the buttocks are strengthened, the abs is pumped up, the heart and lungs are trained. In one match, you can burn 600 calories, i.e. a couple of extra pounds. In winter, every woman becomes less mobile, so to lose weight at this time of the year, be sure to do winter sports. The easiest sport that is suitable for all ages is cross-country skiing. With the cyclical repetition of movements, the body spends up to 750 calories per hour. This strengthens the blood vessels, heart and lungs. Walking on skis for 1 hour 2 times a week will quickly lose 3-5 extra pounds. If a woman has “riding breeches” on the hips, then this kind of sport, like figure skating, will help get rid of it, because here the muscles of the inner and outer surface of the thighs are used? Skating will also allow you to straighten your posture, strengthen your back muscles and abdominals, and improve the functioning of the vestibular apparatus. With a quiet ride, you can lose about 400 calories per hour, and performing various "tracks" and other movements, you can get rid of 700 calories. What kind of sport for weight loss is suitable for a woman, only she should decide? The main thing - you need to have the right attitude and cheerfulness, and then those extra pounds will be burned quickly and unnoticed. When losing weight and burning fat cannot be limited to simply getting rid of calories. Waste and slag must be removed in order not to litter the body. A diet that implies severe fluid restriction is ineffective because it leads to the postponement of harmful substances. The water you drink when you lose weight should be clean, soft and tasty.