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Active Surge Male Enhancement Why are vitamins and minerals so important for you anyway? Let me offer you a touch example of why vitamins and minerals are so important. If you would like to create a brick house, what does one need? Well, you would like bricks and mortar, and wood, and windows and doors. you would like some basic stuff to create that house. Active Surge Male Enhancement What if you do not have bricks, or mortar or windows or doors? How well does one think the house will function after you're done "trying" to create it? Not alright .First, the refining process takes away all the vitamins and minerals that are naturally found in whatever plant is being refined. there's nothing left but pure carbohydrates.2. Refined carbs and sugar cause blood glucose levels to be artificially raised and cause all the issues that accompany high blood glucose levels.1. Refined carbs and sugar haven't any vitamins, minerals, or anything that's needed to work and run a healthy bodybad, also as many smaller reasons. the 2 big reasons are these:sons why refined carbs and sugar are so There are two big reaNot All Supplements are Created Equal. There are more supplements available than i might care to count and keep track of. So what's the most important difference between all the various supplements? In my world you'll divide all supplements into two categories: